Xun Li
Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dr. Li has been working on the design, computer-aided modeling and simulation, processing, characterization and packaging of waveguide-based optoelectronic and photonic devices, such as semiconductor laser diodes, semiconductor optical amplifiers, super-luminescent light emitting diodes, optical modulators, photo-detectors, wavelength division multiplexers, optical beam splitters, optical switch fabric, polarization controlled optical components, and the monolithic integration of these components. The application of these devices is mainly on fiber-optic communication systems and networks. Currently, Dr. Li is also actively exploring nanostructures such as surface plasmonic polariton (SPP) waves and SPP waveguides for advanced photonic devices, metamaterial structures for unidirectional wave propagation and optical cloaking, and randomly distributed nanostructures for super-resolution imaging and optical image transmission.
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