James Mcnulty
Professor, Chemistry & Chemical Biology

Dr. Jim McNulty is an accomplished professor and respected researcher in organic chemistry. After obtaining undergraduate honours, masters and doctoral degrees at the University of Toronto, Dr. McNulty did postdoctoral work at the prestigious department of organic chemistry at the University of Geneva. He then held postdoctoral and faculty research positions at the Cancer Research Institute at Arizona Sate University on the isolation and structure elucidation of anticancer natural products. He began his independent research career at Brock University (1996) before moving to McMaster (2003).

Dr. McNulty is an expert in the development of synthetic methodology in organic chemistry in olefination chemistry, green chemistry, organocatalysis and transition metal mediated synthesis. Applications of these methods have been advanced in the total synthesis of complex natural products and analogs with a focus on the discovery and chemical-biology investigations of antiviral, anticancer, antiparasitic activity and compounds of agrochemical value. Dr. McNulty operates a diverse and highly collaborative research group publishing over 150 research articles in peer reviewed journals.
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