Jonathan Bramson
Vice-Dean, Health Sciences, Research, Faculty of Health Sciences

Jonathan Bramson, PhD, is a Professor in the Department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine and the Vice Dean, Research for the Faculty of Health Sciences. He holds a Tier I Canada Research Chair in Translational Cancer Immunology and the John Bienestock Chair in Molecular Medicine. The Bramson lab is focused on developing methods to direct cancer patients’ immune systems to attack their tumors. Currently, the lab is using synthetic biology methods to direct T cells against discrete tumor targets. Of note, the Bramson lab has created a novel chimeric receptor, known as the T cell antigen coupling (TAC) receptor, that displays enhanced anti-tumor activity and reduced toxicity relative to conventional CARs in pre-clinical models. In addition to their working on developing applications for TAC T cells, the lab is employing synthetic, genetic and chemical biology approaches to re-wire other relevant signaling pathways within T cells to bolster their anti-tumour potency
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