Seshasai Srinivasan
Associate Professor, School of Engineering Technology

Dr. Seshasai Srinivasan is currently an Assistant Professor in McMaster University's Faculty of Engineering. Prior to this, he has held a Research Scientist and a part-time instructor position in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering of Ryerson University, a postdoctoral position at the Laboratory of Food Process Engineering of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH-Zurich) in Switzerland and a Research Associate position in the Engine Research Center of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Dr. Srinivasan maintains a vibrant interdisciplinary research program. In his research, he conducts computational investigations in:

- Electrochemical flows in Li-ion batteries.
- Thermodiffusion in underground oil reservoirs and molten metals.
- Thermovibrational and microvelocity flows in experiments on the International Space Station and free flying satellites.
- Chemical physics in liquid hydrocarbons, associating liquid mixtures and molten metals.
- Combustion and multi-phase flow modeling in an internal combustion engine.
- Evolution of multi-drug resistant bacteria
- Phase transformation kinetics in steels.
- Rheology in food particles.

Dr. Srinivasan studies these problems via various approaches, namely, computational fluid dynamics, artificial neural networks as well as statistical analysis. In additional to the fundamental investigations in these areas, he is also interested in numerical optimization and algorithm design. In diesel engines, for instance, such optimization investigations are made to maximize power output while meeting the EPA mandates on emissions. He is also interested in the optimal heat treatment conditions for designing steels with the desired mechanical properties. In his optimization studies, Dr. Srinivasan uses gradient-based as well as heuristic search methods.
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