Isik F Zeytinoglu
Professor Emeritus, Human Resources & Management

Dr. Zeytinoglu’s current research focuses on occupational health and safety of personal support workers in Ontario, employer flexibility strategies and non-standard employment issues, and job satisfaction, retention and employee wellness issues in Canada. She also conducts research on human resource management issues in Turkey.

She was an expert speaker at the World Health Organization’s (WHO) International Consultation on Healthy Workplaces, in Rome, Italy, December 2012. Dr. Zeytinoglu was also a Keynote Speaker/ Rapporteur at the International Labour and Employment Relations (ILERA) 16th World Congress, in Philadelphia, USA, July 2012.

Dr. Zeytinoglu teaches PhD courses on research design and methods, and industrial and employment relations theory and research. She also teaches occupational health and safety management, and human resource management and industrial relations.
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  • PHONE: 905-525-9140 ext. 23957
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