Jeremy Hirota
Associate Professor, Medicine

1) Development of a translational research program in lung exposure science
I have developed in vitro and in vivo models for particulate matter exposure, cigarette smoke exposure, and cannabis smoke exposure. I have been primary or senior author on these works in JACI (PMID: 22227418), AJRCMB (PMID: 24988285), ERJ Open Research (PMID: 34291110, 33614779, 33344628, 31984210), Physiological Reports (PMID: 31646766), Toxicology In Vitro (PMID: 34601066) and Respiratory Research (PMID: 28506308). I have also performed research on controlled human exposure studies with analyses of multiple lung cell and immunological outcomes in Thorax (PMID: 26574583), JACI (PMID: 27283384) and Scientific Reports (PMID: 30655622). Collectively our work has developed fundamental understandings of molecular transport mechanisms in airway epithelial cells that regulate innate immunity important in lung health and disease. Our persistent exploration of lung exposure science biology is highlighted by a 2019 invited review in JACI on respiratory mucosa immunology(PMID: 31176381). I have been invited to present this research at national (Canadian Cannabis Research Conference-2022) and international (American Thoracic Society-2020, Nemacolin Asthma Conference-2022) meetings and research institutes (Oxford UK-Respiratory Research Rounds-2022 and Monash-Australia-Immunology Research Rounds-2022).

2) Advanced in vitro model systems incorporating the dynamic 3D microenvironment
I am developing 3D model systems that incorporate dynamic forces to enable exploration of how these cues impact lung immunity at the cell and tissue level. Since starting this program in 2020, I have developed new methods for coating surfaces to increase cell adherence for models that have airflow or perfusion (PMID: 33530564), inline pH measurement tools (PMID: 33568708), 3D printed environmental exposure manifolds (PMID: 33614779), adhesive based techniques for organ-on-chip fabrication (PMID: 34696583), and decellularization protocols with human lung samples to create hydrogel materials amenable to bioinks (PMID: 34207111). Within this short timeframe, I have been invited for three reviews for microphysiological systems and 3D bioprinting (PMID: 34900964, 36265881, and doi: 10.1002/cjce.24581) and international talks (Vermont USA, Oxford UK, Maryland USA).

3) IP Development and Commercialization Activities
My knowledge translation activities include IP development start-up company formation. Since joining McMaster in late 2016, I have filed five disclosures covering small molecule inhibitors, biomarkers, in vitro cell culture systems, and biomaterial formulations. Two disclosures have contributed to Provisional Patent filings (i: INHIBITORS OF ABCC4, ii BIOINKS FOR 3D EXTRUSION BIOPRINTING, METHODS OF MAKING AND USES THEREOF). A PCT application has been filed on our bioinks.
I am an entrepreneur with experience in a sole proprietorship for consulting (HiroPharm 2015-2017) and Co-Founder and CEO of Infinotype (2020-present), a federally incorporated biotechnology venture focused on software solutions in the diagnostic space. Infinotype is a client of the Ontario Regional Innovation Centre – Innovation Factory. In 2022, Infinotype received Health Canada Interim Order approval for importation and sale of a COVID-19 rapid antigen test in Canada. In 2023, Infinotype initiated beta-testing of a cloud-based sequencing analysis software, AlignDx, with end-users in the infectious disease space.
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