Gillian Ruth Goward
Professor, Chemistry & Chemical Biology

Professor Gillian Goward is an internationally renowned Canadian scientist who studies advanced energy materials using a combination of magnetic resonance spectroscopy and imaging. She is a Professor and the Chair of the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology. She also holds a McMaster Faculty of Science Research Chair in Magnetic Resonance of Materials for Energy Storage.
Her research focus is on characterizing the structures and dynamics of materials for lithium ion batteries, fuel cells, and other alternative energy devices. For example, the lithium ions (6,7Li) in rechargeable batteries provide excellent probe nuclei for observing the electrochemical processes directly. Strategies include ex situ and in situ spectroscopy as well as spatially resolved imaging and diffusion measurements. Her team are equipped with suite of state-of-the-art magnetic resonance tools, developed for specialty air-sensitive studies of electrolyte-electrode interface chemistry, and ion dynamics in solid and solution phases.
Prof. Goward participates actively in the Canadian and international Magnetic Resonance and Materials Chemistry communities. She is also a Senior Editor for the American Chemical Society publication, the Journal of Physical Chemistry.
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