Jacques Carette
Associate Professor, Computing and Software

Jacques Carette is an Associate Professor in the Department of Computing and Software. He has dual interests in very formal endeavours (mechanized mathematics, correct–by-construction software and meta programming) as well as more applied work — game design, with some forays in the areas of ‘live coding’ (for music) as well as 3D videos (also for music).

In game design, his main interests are visual scale and user experience. Visual scale refers to the impact of the size of the display on the whole gaming experience; understanding the design space well enough to understand of the “user experience” can be held constant across scale is one important research thread. More generally, what are the psychomotor and cognitive components of the “user experience” of video games is very interesting.

Sometimes, these two strands intersect, such as when code generators are written for producing game families, task analyses are used to generate optimal UIs, or when careful analyses of gaming principles are used as requirements for game design analysis tools.
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