Soohyun Byun
Professor, Physics & Astronomy

I am a Professor in the Department of Physics & Astronomy and Radiation Sciences Graduate Program at McMaster University, Canada. I received the BSc degree in Nuclear Engineering from Seoul National University, Korea in 1994. My MSc and PhD degrees were also awarded at the same university in 1996 and 2002.

My research interests include radiation detection, radiation dosimetry and industrial applications of radiation science & technology. The core of my research program is to develop advanced radiation detectors and digital signal processing systems to overcome the fundamental limitations of the current detection technology. My current and recent research projects include:
-Radiation detector developments for dosimetry, imaging, monitoring:
CZT neutron imaging detector development,
THGEM multi-element neutron dosemeter & 2-D dosemeter developments,
Space neutron dosemeter and CubeSat satellite development,
High efficiency THGEM beta-ray detector development

-Digital signal processing for radiation detection:
Development of a machine learning based neutron-gamma pulse shape discrimination,
Development of a realtime pulse pileup deconvolution system for ultra-high rate gamma-ray spectrometry,
Development of a compact digital coincidence spectrometry system

- Beta-ray & gamma-ray spectrometry:
Advanced Mixed beta-gamma spectrometry at CANDU nuclear power reactors,
Space electron spectrometer and CubeSat satellite development,
Digital coincidence beta-ray spectrometer development,
Realtime unfolding algorithm development
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