Ranil Rohantha Sonnadara
Special Advisor to the Vice-President, Research, Office of the Vice-President, Research

I am a behavioural neuroscientist by training, with a special interest in how we learn complex skills. I work primarily with health professionals, musicians and athletes, though my work generalises to many other domains. My lab also studies how we evaluate performance, particularly in high-stakes environments. The 'big picture' questions driving this work are how learning and practice change our brain, and the way that information flows between different neural systems. My primary academic appointment is in the Department of Surgery, and I also hold academic appointments in the Department of Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour and the McMaster Education Research, Innovation and Theory (MERIT) Program at McMaster University, and at the Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence.

In addition to my academic appointments, I also hold an administrative appointment with Compute Ontario, supporting Digital Research Infrastructure strategy for the Government of Ontario, and serve as the Head of Sound Design for the Stratford Festival.
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