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Anthea Innes
Professor, Health, Aging & Society

Anthea is a social scientist who has specialised in the area of dementia for the last 25 years. At the core of her work is a concern to engage with the lived experiences of those impacted by dementia, namely, those diagnosed with the condition, their family members and professional care supporters. Her research interests span the care continuum from pre-diagnosis to end of life. Her particular research topics include rurality, technology and creative approaches to supporting those living with dementia. She has conducted research in Canada, Malta, England, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland as well as her native Scotland. She has been a member of European wide and Canadian wide research teams. She is a member of INTERDEM ( a group of leading psychosocial researchers from across Europe (and beyond) and a Canadian team of researchers, RADAR ( exploring rurality and dementia care.
She has been an advocate for community engagement, inclusion and involvement of people living with dementia for the last decade, and enjoys working in partnership with people living with dementia in the conduct of research, dissemination (including co-authored book in 2020, ) and sharing of examples of what works in practice for those living with dementia to different audiences. As well as academic publishing she has been active in knowledge translation work through presenting at community events (often with people living with dementia and/or their care partners), making accessible knowledge via radio broadcasts and contributions to online fora, organizing and hosting community based events, contributing to festivals of learning/research, and serving as a member of government policy groups in the UK. Her research has directly informed the Northern Ireland Regional Dementia Strategy and the Maltese Dementia Strategy.
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