Mirna Carranza
Professor, Social Work

Experiences of Dislocations, Trauma, Exploitation and Exclusion of Women, Youth and Children

a. National
Locally, I engage with this research theme with immigrant women living in Hamilton, Ontario. My study, Examining the Intersection of Immigrant Women’s Acculturation & Mental Health (Hamilton Community Foundation, 2015 -2017, PI) utilized a Community-Based Participatory Action Research (CBPAR) framework to understand the intersection of migration, gender, exclusion, trauma and social-economic status and its impact on the women’s mental health. A significant outcome of this project was the development of “We are Not the Others”, a popular theatre production that used innovative data analysis methods to re-tell stories of migration to new audiences working towards social justice.

b. International
Internationally, through the on-going support of Latin American Canadian Research Educational Grants (2010-2011, PI), SSRHC (2017-2021; 2014 – 2021) I explore the various forms of exploitation and exclusion particularly of women and children living at the margins. Using CBPAR and grassroots partnerships, this work examined the impacts of such on Indigenous and Afro-Descendant children, women and families across Central America and South America (Peru and Chile). These studies have provided key insights into Gender-Based Violence. A SSHRC Partnership Development Grant (2021-2024) has provided the opportunity to explore this pivotal issue in Central America and the Canadian Diaspora.
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