Boris Kralj
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Economics

Boris Kralj holds both a Doctorate and Master’s Degree in Economics from York University. Dr. Kralj has over 30 years of experience working in the government sector, non-profit sector, academia, and consulting. He is a specialist in health economics, and medical (physician) economics in particular. He has provided analytical and strategic planning services to several physician groups including the OMA Section on General & Family Practice, Ontario Association of Gastroenterology and the Coalition of Ontario Psychiatrists. He is a noted expert on physician compensation models and physician pay equity or “relativity”.
Boris Kralj has made significant contributions to academic literature, publishing research articles in respected journals such as Health Economics, the Canadian Medical Association Journal, Canadian Public Policy, and Health Policy. His publications cover a wide range of topics, including physician workforce planning, nurse employment patterns, gender earnings gaps in medicine, and healthcare payment models.
Beyond academia, Dr. Kralj has been an influential figure in the professional realm. He is a co-founder and principal consultant at Perspicacity Intelligence & Analytics, a consulting firm that provides expertise in economic analysis and research. He has also served as the Executive Director of Economics, Research & Analytics, and Chief Analytics Officer at the Ontario Medical Association. In this role, he led research initiatives and provided strategic economic advice to the organization. In his consulting practice, Dr. Kralj has worked with a wide range of clients, including legal firms, healthcare organizations, insurance companies, and government agencies. His clients have sought his expertise in economic analysis, program evaluation, and policy development.
Overall, Boris Kralj's extensive academic background, research contributions, and professional experience in economics make him a highly respected expert in the field. His work has had a significant impact on understanding labor economics and health economics, and he continues to contribute to the advancement of economic knowledge through his teaching, research, and consulting endeavors.
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