McMaster University Research Data Management (RDM) Institutional Strategy, 2023-2025 Reports uri icon

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  • Research Data Management (RDM) is a suite of connected processes and practices applied throughout the research lifecycle. It is a critical component of the digital research infrastructure that supports scholarship and innovation within and beyond McMaster University. Applying good RDM practices improves the efficiency and impact of research, increases research visibility, facilitates collaboration, protects intellectual property, enables reuse and verification of research results, and supports a culture of reproducibility. McMaster's Research Data Management (RDM) Strategy outlines how the institution will support its researchers in producing the highest quality research, meeting disciplinary and funder expectations, and leading the adoption of best practices. McMaster commits to providing a researcher-focused and integrated framework of interconnected and complementary guidelines, infrastructure, policies, practices, supports, technologies, tools, training, and services. Our vision is to enable McMaster researchers to adapt and thrive in a research environment that places increasing emphasis on data, its good management, and its reuse. Grounded in an extensive research process and informed by broad engagement and consultation with the institution’s research stakeholder communities, this Strategy has been co-developed by McMaster’s Institutional Strategy Working Group, which operates under the governance of the Research Information Technology Committee (RITC), and comprises representatives from the faculties, research and IT support units, research centres and institutes, and affiliated research hospitals. The Strategy is issued by Dr. Karen Mossman, Vice President Research, and its implementation is a joint responsibility of the Office of the Vice President Research, the Office of the Provost and Vice President (Academic), the Office of the Assistant Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, the University Library, and the Deans of McMaster’s Faculties. Prepared for the McMaster RDM ISWG by Isaac Pratt, Danica Evering, and Jason Brodeur.

publication date

  • March 24, 2023