Lovaye Kajiura
Associate Professor, Biology

Dr. Lovaye Kajiura (pronounced Love-A, Kah-Jer-Rah) is a permanent teaching professor in the Department of Biology. Her biology discipline-specific research has studied organismal ecology, resource allocation, the impact of biotechnology on physiology, endocrinology, nutrition, and behaviour using the transgenic growth hormone mouse model. Her pedagogical research examines the impact of mega interdisciplinary initiatives, integrated case-based studies, multimedia knowledge mobilization tools, and mentorship in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th year undergraduate science courses. She co-leads the IMPACT (Interdisciplinary, Mentorships, Practical, Applied, Community, Transformative) Initiative team with colleagues Drs. Robert Fleisig (Engineering), Brenda Vrkljan (Occupational Therapy), Liz Hassan (Engineering), and Shelir Ebrahimi (Engineering). The IMPACT Initiatives engages undergraduate and graduate students, alumni, medical students, community healthcare partners, and real community clients by bringing together diverse academic disciplines to better understand, address, and solve challenges experienced by people who are living with disabilities. IMPACT creates customized devices for clients living with arthritis, dementia, cerebral palsy, expressive aphasia, multiple sclerosis, dystonia, retinopathy, cancer, ankylosing spondylitis, lymphedema, and other health-related challenges. Being strongly devoted to the scholarship of teaching and learning, Dr. Kajiura is a founding member and serves as a steward of the Open Consortium of Undergraduate Biology Educators ,oCUBE (formerly the Ontario Consortium of Undergraduate Biology Educators), co-chairs of the McMaster University Level 1 Educators Teaching & Learning Network, and leads the McMaster Mentorship Outreach Student Team (MMOST). Dr. Kajiura greatly enjoys helping others and serving as “your mentor for life”!
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