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Patricia Chow-fraser
Professor, Biology

Dr. Chow-Fraser is Professor in the Department of Biology, where she conducts research and teaches on ecology, conservation and restoration of aquatic ecosystems, primarily in the coastal zone of the Laurentian Great Lakes. A primary goal of her research is to develop simple tools to monitor impacts of human activities on the long-term health of wetlands and streams throughout the Great Lakes. These rely on use of remote sensing techniques to predict the effect of water level, invasive species, and human disturbance on the quality and quantity of marsh habitat in the Great Lakes. She led development of ecological indicators using fish, plant and water quality information to assess the ecological status of streams and coastal wetlands, and uses interdisciplinary approaches to classify and identify habitat for at-risk freshwater turtles and important sportfish including pike and muskellunge. Another goal is to increase the capacity for citizen science and to fully engage and empower students in outreach opportunities.
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