Johannes Steizinger
Associate Professor, Philosophy

I have a broad interest in the modern history of European philosophy until today (also known as Continental philosophy). I am happy to supervise graduate research on a full range of topics, figures (e.g. Nietzsche, Hegel, Marx, Benjamin, or Foucault), and movements (e.g. Critical Theory, German idealism, or romanticism) in European philosophy. I am also interested in supervising work in political philosophy, aesthetics, and philosophy of race, especially if the project has a historical focus.

Currently, I am working on three projects:

1) I am writing the short book “Nietzsche on Culture” for the Elements Series at Cambridge University Press, focusing on topics such as the relationship of nature and culture, the relationship of individual and community, and Nietzsche’s vitalist critique of culture. This book is part of a larger project on the topic Cultural Criticism of Capitalism.

2) Together with Thimo Heisenberg (Rice) and Helen McCabe (Nottingham), I am holding a SSHRC Connection Grant on the topic “Economic Pluralism: Past and Present”, in which we examine widely neglected economic proposals of 19th-century philosophers, exploring how their heterodox insights can help us re-imagine the fundamentals of our economic order. You find a detailed description of this project here:

3) My third project focuses on developing a philosophical critique of the ideology of the radical right. I critically examine Nazi ideology and how philosophers contributed to the justification of Nazi racism. I understand my work on the history of racism as a groundwork for a thorough critique of its current forms. A recently published article thus advances a conceptual analysis and a philosophical critique of the identitarian ideology of the so-called New Right. I also plan to develop a concept of fascism that enables to criticize current political developments from a philosophical perspective.

For details about my former projects see:
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