30S RI Beam Production and X-ray Bursts Academic Article uri icon

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  • The present work reports the results of 30S radioactive beam development for a future experiment directly measuring data to extrapolate the 30S(alpha,p) stellar reaction rate in Type I X-ray bursts, a phenomena where nuclear explosions occur repeatedly on the surface of accreting neutron stars. We produce the radioactive ion 30S via the 3He(28Si,30S)n reaction, by bombarding a cryogenically cooled target of 3He at 400 Torr and 80 K with 28Si beams of 6.9 and 7.54 MeV/u. In order to perform a successful future experiment which allows us to calculate the stellar 30S(alpha, p) reaction rate, Hauser-Feshbach calculations indicate we require a 30S beam of ~10^5 particles per second at ~32 MeV. Based on our recent beam development experiments in 2006 and 2008, it is believed that such a beam may be fabricated in 2009 according to the results presented. We plan to measure the 4He(30S,p) cross-section at astrophysical energies in 2009, and some brief remarks on the planned (alpha,p) technique are also elucidated.


  • Kahl, David
  • Chen, Alan
  • Binh, Dam Nguyen
  • Chen, Jun
  • Hashimoto, Takashi
  • Hayakawa, Seiya
  • Kim, Aram
  • Kubono, Shigeru
  • Kurihara, Yuzo
  • Lee, Nam Hee
  • Michimasa, Shin'ichiro
  • Nishimura, Shunji
  • Ouellet, Christian Van
  • nia, Kiana Setoodeh
  • Wakabayashi, Yasuo
  • Yamaguchi, Hideotoshi