A confirmative spin-parity assignment for the key 6.15 MeV state in $^{18}$Ne of astrophysical importance Academic Article uri icon

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  • Proton resonant states in $^{18}$Ne have been investigated by the resonant elastic scattering of $^{17}$F+$p$. The $^{17}$F beam was separated by the CNS radioactive ion beam separator (CRIB), and bombarded a thick H$_2$ gas target at 3.6 MeV/nucleon. The recoiled light particles were measured by using three sets of ${\Delta}$E-E Si telescope at scattering angles of $\theta$$_{lab}$$\approx 3^\circ$, 10$^\circ$ and 18$^\circ$, respectively. Four resonances, {\it i.e.}, at $E_{x}$=6.15, 6.30, 6.85, and 7.05 MeV, were observed clearly. By $R$-matrix analysis of the excitation functions, $J^{\pi}$=1$^-$ was firmly assigned to the 6.15 MeV state which is a key state in calculating the reaction rate of $^{14}$O($\alpha$,$p$)$^{17}$F reaction. This reaction was thought to be one of the most probable key reactions for the breakout from the hot-CNO cycle to the $rp$-process in type I x-ray bursts In addition, a new excited state observed at $E_{x}$=6.85 MeV was tentatively assigned as 0$^{-}$, which could be the analog state of 6.880 MeV, 0$^{-}$ in mirror $^{18}$O.


  • Hu, J
  • He, JJ
  • Xu, SW
  • Yamaguchi, H
  • David, K
  • Ma, P
  • Su, J
  • Wang, HW
  • Nakao, T
  • Wakabayashi, Y
  • Teranishi, T
  • Moon, JY
  • Jung, HS
  • Hashimoto, T
  • Chen, Alan
  • Irvine, D
  • Kubono, S