Fourier series-based optimization of LED angular intensity profiles for displays and backlighting Thesis uri icon

  • Overview


  • A method using a Fourier series is demonstrated to optimize an LED array for local dimming applications in liquid crystal display backlighting. The same optimization method is also suitable for LED displays in which the MoirĂ© effect must be suppressed during photography with a minimum loss of spatial resolution. Initially, the angular intensity profile of a Lambertian LED is modelled when backlighting a Lambertian rear projection screen and compared to experimental data. An array of optimized LEDs and the resulting screen intensity pattern is then derived such that an intensity distribution with an intensity deviation of less than 2% is achieved. The angular intensity profile of the LED is modified using adjustable Fourier coefficients optimized according to an algorithm. The algorithm is designed to achieve an illuminated screen area of maximum size for a bounded LED backlight array to appear uniform in intensity to an observer. This Fourier series approach provides an elegant method to optimize the intensity profile of LED backlight arrays without the use of ray tracing. A lens was designed in order to provide this optimized intensity profile as well as created and tested.

publication date

  • September 15, 2019