Alexander Peace
Assistant Professor, Earth, Environment & Society

Dr. Alexander Peace is an Assistant Professor in the School of Earth, Environment and Society at McMaster University, where he leads the McMaster Structural Geology and Tectonics Research Group.

Dr. Peace came to McMaster in 2019 with a BSc (hons) and PhD from Durham University, which were followed by appointments as a postdoctoral fellow in structural geology and applied geophysics, and as a sessional lecturer at Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN). He is also a registered Professional Geologist (P.Geo) in the province of Ontario and collaborates globally with geoscientists from across academia, government, and industry.

His research focuses on deformation of the solid Earth with a specific emphasis on plate tectonic process, natural hazards, and mineral resources. Current research includes: 1) rift-related magmatism during Atlantic Ocean opening, 2) structural inheritance and reactivation of pre-existing geological structures during rifting and breakup, 3) causes and consequences of seismicity and other geohazards in intraplate settings such as Eastern Canada, and 4) structural controls on mineral deposits in time and space.
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