Megan B Brickley
Professor, Anthropology

Research & Supervisory Interests
As the Tier One Canada Research Chair in The Bioarchaeology of Human Disease, I have firmly established myself as a world expert on the paleopathology of metabolic bone disease with particular recognition for my work on vitamin D deficiency. My work is interdisciplinary and in addition to an ongoing research program on aspects of rickets and osteomalacia, recent work will facilitate exploration of the intimate relationship between maternal and fetal health. I led work on the first explicit investigation of co-occurrence of metabolic disease and have recently established a framework for consideration of anemia in archaeological human remains. All work has been undertaken with my team of graduate students and there are further openings for graduates wishing to join us.

Dr. Brickley will be accepting graduate students for entry into the program in September 2024 and is interested in hearing from potential applicants at both the Masters and PhD level who would like to be involved in her current SSHRC funded project Integrated approaches paleopathology and paleodiet: Insights into the diet-disease nexus in human health and disease.

This collaborative project with Dr. Andrea Waters-Rist, UWO, Dr. Isabelle Ribot of Université de Montréal and Dr. Rachel Schats of Leiden University, the Netherlands. We are using of the latest tools to investigate the nexus of diet and maternal-child health using integrated paleodiet and paleopathology investigations. The team will be working with five skeletal collections containing individuals with the broadest spectrum of potential maternal-child nutrition and linked disease patterns yet considered – with I (Dr. Brickley) am leading the paleopathology from McMaster.

Please get in touch if you would like to be considered for a place to undertake research on this project either as the basis for a thesis or as a research assistant.

For those at the PhD level please get in touch with a basic outline of the type of research you would like to undertake for a thesis project.
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