Luc Bernier
Assistant Professor, Earth, Environment & Society

I am teaching professor, my primarily assignments being introductory courses in environmental science and geography in the School of Earth, Environment and Society (formerly Geography and Earth Sciences). My current interests lie under the umbrella of planetary health and sustainability. My administrative duties have included academic supervision of students in our B.Sc. programs, recruitment activities, outreach, and involvement in curriculum development at various levels. I am also currently the supervisor of an independent study course and supervised an internship one.

My assignments include: Climate, Water, and the Environment; Environmental Issues; Sustainability and the Economy; Environmental Catastrophes, Energy and Society. Other courses I have taught: Natural Disasters, Water and the Environment, Introduction to Geochemistry, Earth's Changing Climate, Research Design & Dissemination in Earth & Environmental Sciences; Environmental Policy, Ethics & Risks.

I am also teaching in the Life Sciences program, School of Interdisciplinary Science: Environmental Change and Human Health; Emerging Paradigms in Environmental Change and Health. Past teaching contributions to other programs include the Integrated Science program and First Year Inquiry (Faculty of Science).

In terms of pedagogical approaches, I am interested in the implementation flip and peer-teaching, active learning, blended learning (chiefly in ENVIRSC 1C03 but in other courses as well), inquiry, the use of learning portfolios, various forms of media to communicate, and the use of technology in the classroom. I also leverage social media in my teaching, particularly video online platforms such as YouTube, for self-learning and for the production of student work.
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