Yanqiu Rachel Zhou
Professor, Health, Aging & Society

Dr. Zhou is interested in understanding how globalization processes (not limited to economic globalization) have both challenged and reproduced social inequalities experienced by people in local and transnational settings, and how public policy (e.g., social, health and immigration policies) has responded to the changing contexts of these issues. Research Interests include globalization, immigration, transnationalism; HIV and AIDS, and global health; aging and pensions; social/health policy; culture, gender, sexuality, and time/temporalities.

She has published over 40 articles, including those in Globalizations; Time & Society; Journal of Aging Studies; Social Science & Medicine; Health; Culture, Health & Sexuality; Global Social Policy; International Journal of Feminist Approaches to Bioethics; International Journal of Inclusive Education; Qualitative Health Research; and Transnational Social Review. She is a co-editor of two books (by Routledge, 2016 and 2017) and a special issue (in Globalizations, 2016) on Time and Globalization, and the leading editor of a symposium on Transnationalism, Sexuality, and HIV Risk (in Culture, Health & Sexuality, 2017).

Dr. Zhou is a Principal Investigator of several projects funded by the tri-council agencies , including “Living in ‘transnational spaces’: Gendered vulnerability to HIV of Chinese immigrants in Canada and the implications for future interventions” (CIHR, 2011-2016) , “Care, aging and globalization: Transnational care-giving experiences of Chinese seniors in Canada” (SSHRC, 2007-2010), and “HIV/AIDS in the context of international migration and global interdependence: Understanding the vulnerability to HIV of Chinese and Indian immigrant communities in Canada” (CIHR, 2007-2009).
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