Sourav Ray
Adjunct Professor, Marketing

Sourav Ray is Professor of Marketing in McMaster University in Canada. His expertise and research interests include industrial and business to business marketing strategy with specific interests in hi-tech products, distribution and pricing. He uses both emerging and traditional research tools in data analytics, models and marketing research. Sourav's contribution to cutting edge marketing thought is recognized globally and he is a frequent speaker at seminars, conferences and workshops nationally and around the world. Top academic journals in Marketing and Economics such as Journal of Marketing, Marketing Science, Journal of Monetary Economics and Journal of Law and Economics, have published his papers.

Sourav’s current research efforts include questions such as: how can marketing distribution channels like franchises and dealerships improve their business performance; how can supply chains and distribution channels in hi-tech industries use industrial big data to manage business relationships; how can retailers use emerging retail technology for enhancing their profitability; and how can retailers implement pricing changes most effectively.

Sourav has almost twenty years of experience teaching Marketing at all levels from the general undergraduate and MBA, to more specialized MSc, and PhD programs. He has won and been nominated for several teaching awards. He currently supervises several PhD dissertations in Marketing, all in the domain of his research interests.

Sourav has been a member of the SSHRC (Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada) grant adjudication committee for four years. He is the founder chair of the VIV Workshops; a co-founder and co-chair of the Canadian Empirical and Theoretical (ET) Symposium on Marketing Strategy; and the Research Director - Marketing Analytics, of MiSCAN (Marketing and Supply Chain Analytics) lab in Burlington.

Outside of academics, Sourav actively connects with practice through his private consulting and collaborations with different industry associations and firms. Sourav received a Ph.D. in Marketing from University of Minnesota, Minneapolis and a Master's and Bachelor's degrees in Aerospace Engineering from Texas A&M University, College Station and Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur, respectively.
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