MALAT1-dependent hsa_circ_0076611 regulates translation rate in triple-negative breast cancer Academic Article uri icon

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  • AbstractVascular Endothelial Growth Factor A (VEGFA) is the most commonly expressed angiogenic growth factor in solid tumors and is generated as multiple isoforms through alternative mRNA splicing. Here, we show that lncRNA MALAT1 (metastasis-associated lung adenocarcinoma transcript 1) and ID4 (inhibitor of DNA-binding 4) protein, previously referred to as regulators of linear isoforms of VEGFA, induce back-splicing of VEGFA exon 7, producing circular RNA circ_0076611. Circ_0076611 is detectable in triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) cells and tissues, in exosomes released from TNBC cells and in the serum of breast cancer patients. Circ_0076611 interacts with a variety of proliferation-related transcripts, included MYC and VEGFA mRNAs, and increases cell proliferation and migration of TNBC cells. Mechanistically, circ_0076611 favors the expression of its target mRNAs by facilitating their interaction with components of the translation initiation machinery. These results add further complexity to the multiple VEGFA isoforms expressed in cancer cells and highlight the relevance of post-transcriptional regulation of VEGFA expression in TNBC cells.


  • Turco, Chiara
  • Esposito, Gabriella
  • Iaiza, Alessia
  • Goeman, Frauke
  • Benedetti, Anna
  • Gallo, Enzo
  • Daralioti, Theodora
  • Perracchio, Letizia
  • Sacconi, Andrea
  • Pasanisi, Patrizia
  • Muti, Paola
  • Pulito, Claudio
  • Strano, Sabrina
  • Ianniello, Zaira
  • Fatica, Alessandro
  • Forcato, Mattia
  • Fazi, Francesco
  • Blandino, Giovanni
  • Fontemaggi, Giulia

publication date

  • June 16, 2022