The structure of galaxy clusters in different cosmologies Academic Article uri icon

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  • We investigate the internal structure of clusters of galaxies in high-resolution N-body simulations of 4 different cosmologies. There is a higher proportion of disordered clusters in critical-density than in low-density universes, although the structure of relaxed clusters is very similar in each. Crude measures of substructure, such as the shift in the position of the centre-of-mass as the density threshold is varied, can distinguish the two in a sample of just 20 or so clusters; it is harder to differentiate between clusters in open and flat models with the same density parameter. Most clusters are in a quasi-steady state within the virial radius and are well-described by the density profile of Navarro, Frenk & White (1995).


  • Consortium, Virgo
  • Thomas, Peter A
  • Colberg, JM
  • Couchman, Hugh M
  • Efstathiou, GP
  • Frenk, CS
  • Jenkins, AR
  • Nelson, AH
  • Hutchings, RM
  • Peacock, JA
  • Pearce, FR
  • White, SDM