Giant spontaneous Hall effect in a nonmagnetic Weyl-Kondo semimetal Academic Article uri icon

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  • Exploring effects of topology in condensed matter systems [1] has led to the discovery of fundamentally new quantum phases and phenomena [2], including the spin Hall effect [3], protected transport of helical fermions [4], topological superconductivity [5], and large nonlinear optical response [6,7]. So far, focus has been on weakly interacting systems, but it is clear that the interplay of strong correlations and topology has many further surprises in store [8,9]. Heavy fermion systems are a highly versatile platform to reveal them [10,11]. Here we report the discovery of a giant spontaneous Hall effect in the noncentrosymmetric Kondo semimetal Ce$_3$Bi$_4$Pd$_3$ (ref 10), under preserved time reversal symmetry (TRS). We attribute it to Weyl nodes - singularities of the Berry curvature - Kondo-driven to the immediate vicinity of the Fermi level. We stress that this phenomenon is distinct from the previously detected anomalous Hall response in systems with broken TRS [12-15] and that its characteristics require a description beyond the nonlinear quantum Hall effect [16]. The astonishingly large magnitude of the effect in even tiny electric and zero magnetic fields, as well as its robust bulk nature may aid the exploitation in topological quantum devices.


  • Dzsaber, Sami
  • Yan, Xinlin
  • Taupin, Mathieu
  • Eguchi, Gaku
  • Prokofiev, Andrey
  • Shiroka, Toni
  • Blaha, Peter
  • Rubel, Oleg
  • Grefe, Sarah E
  • Lai, Hsin-Hua
  • Si, Qimiao
  • Paschen, Silke