The Hungarian Ethnic Group: A Focus on an Ontario Community Theses uri icon

  • Overview


  • The purpose of this thesis is to study the Hungarians of Kolonia as a viable ethnic group. With participant observation the method of data collection, a social historical analysis of the Hungarian community is presented. Developed within the thesis are the following themes (A) an analysis of the waves of immigration coupled with the distribution of Hungarians in Canada, (8) a description of the research site and its attributes with regard to its accommodation of Hungarian immigrants (C) a discussion of the social historical development of the Hungarian "kingpins" and their role in the informal community, (D) an outline of the rise of the formal ethnic institutions and their inter-relationships, (E) a study of the effects varying outside contacts have on ethnic identity and (F) an examination of the ingroup system of social stratification and upward mobility. The general conclusions drawn from the study may be summarized in this manner. There are apparent in Canadian society viable ethnic groups worthy of sociological research. Such minority groups display a keen sense of community both in their structural and cultural makeup and these without question prove to be rich areas for further research.

publication date

  • 1975