Zobia Jawed
Lecturer (Part-Time), School of Engineering Technology

Dr. Zobia Jawed possesses a diverse and extensive skill set encompassing water/wastewater and energy systems, environmental sustainability, climate change, operations, and strategic management. Her expertise has paved the way for successful projects in both the public and private sectors. Dr. Jawed has spearheaded numerous sustainability initiatives, ranging from renewable energy and energy efficiency to carbon reduction strategies. Her focus extends to the low-carbon future, circular economy, waste-to-energy projects, and sustainable finance. Her latest research projects involve tracking COVID-19 within wastewater systems and transitioning wastewater systems to resource-recovery facilities, and she is passionate about bringing digital innovation and automation to these systems to make them more efficient and cost-effective.

As a Senior Research Fellow at the Global Peace and Social Justice Program at McMaster University, Dr. Jawed is actively advancing research efforts within the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) to address the far-reaching impacts of climate change on vulnerable communities. Her extensive collaboration spans various levels of government, municipalities, NGOs, and a diverse array of stakeholders. Driven by her overarching goal of inclusivity and diversity, she strives to develop initiatives and policies/programs that uplift and support these vulnerable communities.

Beyond her research endeavours, Dr. Jawed teaches for both the Engineering and Business departments. She additionally supervises numerous Faculty-led projects within the Faculty of Engineering, enriching the academic experience for students.

In recognition of her remarkable contributions, Dr. Jawed received the Women of Distinction Award in Research, Science, Technology, and Trades in 2022. She was also honoured as a recipient of the Women Who Rock Award and the Order of Hamilton Award. Furthermore, McMaster University has acknowledged her leadership in sustainability and water management, presenting her with the McMaster Alumni Hamilton Impact Award.
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