Greg Slater
Professor, Earth, Environment & Society

Dr. Slater is a professor in the School of Earth, Environment and Society and an associate member of the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at McMaster University. He is also the director of the Environmental Organic Geochemistry Laboratory. Dr. Slater completed his undergraduate degree in environmental chemistry at the University of Toronto before moving to the study of geochemistry in the geology department at U of T for his graduate work. He completed a PDF at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution prior to coming to coming to McMaster.

His research focuses on understanding the geochemical signatures, particularly of microbial life, that allow us to understand the sources and fates of organic compounds within the Earth system both now and as recorded within the geologic record. His research into understanding the sources, transport and remediation of organic contaminants in the environment can be applied to the environmental needs of modern society. His research understanding microbial biosignatures informs our understanding of the capabilities of limits of life, the interpretation of the history of life on Earth and our ability to interpret signatures of life on beyond the Earth.
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