Ori Freiman

I am a Post-Doctoral Fellow at McMaster University’s Digital Society Lab, researching at the intersection of emerging technologies, democracy, and societal change. My focus is on national AI policies, organizational adoption of 'Responsible AI', and the potential democratic challenges posed by implementing Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). I have authored several reports about technology, human rights, privacy, and democracy, some of which have been published in leading outlets.

Before joining McMaster, I completed a Post-Doctoral Fellowship in the Ethics of AI Lab at the University of Toronto, where I researched the concept of 'Trustworthy AI' and its relation to policy-making and ethics-washing, and the Ethics of CBDCs. My Ph.D. dissertation (Graduate Program in Science, Technology & Society @ Bar-Ilan University in Israel) deals with the topic of trust in technologies, focusing on blockchain networks and conversational AIs.

Keywords: AI Policy; AI Ethics; Responsible AI; Trust and Technology; Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC); Science and Technology Studies; Philosophy of Technology; Social Epistemology

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