Luca Berardi
Assistant Professor, Sociology

Dr. Berardi is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology at McMaster University. As a criminologist and urban ethnographer, his research focuses on the relationship between poverty, violence, and victimization in social housing developments and criminal justice institutions, including prisons and police organizations. His current projects include:

1) a 5-year ethnographic study on the impact of gun violence on residents of a Toronto social housing development (SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship);

2) research on the victim-offender overlap among federally incarcerated people in Canada (SSHRC IDG);

3) research on fentanyl-related occupational health and safety risks for police officers in Western Canada (Alberta OHS Futures – Research Funding Program);

4) a study of carceral relations between prisoners and their loved ones during the COVID-19 pandemic (McMaster Covid-19 Catalyst Grant), and;

5) longitudinal research on barriers to prisoner re-entry and re-integration (SSHRC Partnership Grant).
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