Active Grants for the Rehabilitation Science department

Grant Name Close Date
A randomized pilot trial of unloader bracing for knee osteoarthritis 9/30/2025
Advancing virtual care in stroke rehabilitation: A randomized controlled trial investigating the TeleRehabilitation with Aims to Improve Lower Extremity Recovery Post-Stroke (TRAIL) program 9/30/2024
Back to Living Well: Implementation of a community-based program for the tertiary prevention of low back pain 9/30/2025
Better Nights and Better Days for Canadians: An Innovative National Strategy to Prevent and Improve Insomnia Across the Lifespan Using Digital Approaches for Sleep Promotion, Intervention, and Provider Training 4/30/2027
Better Nights and Better Days for Canadians: An Innovative National Strategy to Prevent and Improve Insomnia Across the Lifespan Using Digital Approaches for Sleep Promotion, Intervention, and Provider Training 4/30/2027
Canada Research Chairs - Tier 2 8/31/2025
Canada Research Chairs - Tier 2 8/31/2025
Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging 3/31/2027
Canadian MSK Rehab Research Network 12/31/2024
Canadian Sepsis Research Network: Improving Care Before, During and After Sepsis. 11/30/2024
Chronic Pain Network: Moving towards knowledge mobilization and implementation science 3/31/2026
Development and Feasibility Testing of a Pre-surgical Rehabilitation (Prehabilitaion) Program for Patients with Lumbar Spinal Stenosis 4/30/2025
Development of a 'friends & family' fall prevention screening tool for community-dwelling older adults and their caregivers 8/31/2024
Development of a suicide prevention strategy for Public Safety Personnel 3/31/2026
Disease-modifying effects of osteotomy and exercise for knee osteoarthritis 9/30/2026
Early neuromuscular stimulation and motor imagery interventions during immobilization of distal radius fracture to reduce the resulting motor impairments and improve rehabilitation outcomes. 8/31/2024
Enhancing access and engagement in pediatric telerehabilitation for children with disabilities and their families 8/31/2026
Evidence-based strategies to improve mobility in older adults 12/16/2026
Extending a digital mobility cohort to understand risk factors and impacts of post-COVID conditions in community-living older adults: the Aging, Infection and Mobility (AIM) project 9/30/2026
Getting Fit for Hip or Knee Replacement: The Fit Joints Randomized Controlled Trial of A Multimodal Intervention in Frail Patients with Osteoarthritis 3/31/2025
Health-Related Quality of Life and Aging: Measuring what Matters to Older People 9/30/2025
Improving Care for Knee Osteoarthritis by Predicting Who Will Get Worse: Exploring the Interactions of Joint Biomechanics, Inflammation and Immunity 3/31/2026
Improving pain education across entry-level physiotherapy programs in Canada: An integrated knowledge translation study 3/31/2025
Improving the mobility of older Ontarians 12/21/2025
Innovations in Assessment and Management of Musculoskeletal Injury, Pain and Arthritis 6/30/2026
Long COVID Web: Pan-Canadian Post-COVID Condition Research Network 10/31/2027
Moving More: Supporting Uptake of Evidence for Physical Activity in Older Adults with Complex Health Care Needs 9/30/2025
Participation in aerobic exercise during stroke rehabilitation: a mixed-methods study 9/30/2024
Pediatric Autism Research Cohort (PARC): A patient-oriented prospective study examining trajectories of functioning in Canadian children with Autism 9/30/2027
Pilot Clinical Trial Symptom-Targeted Rehabilitation for Concussion in Canadian Armed Forces Veterans (STAR-C2) 12/31/2024
REVIVe: Frailty, Rehabilitation, and Hospitalization Outcomes in Adult and Pediatric Survivors of COVID-19 9/30/2024
SMILE: Optimising SMarter Inclusive Living Environments for ageing people within their circles of care. 12/31/2024
T-PIVOT (Training Program In Virtual/Online Therapy): The co-development and evaluation of a training program to support pediatric therapists in telerehabilitation 8/31/2024
The Canadian Severe Acute Respiratory Infection, Prospective, Perpetual Observational Study: Informing Clinical Care and the Public Health Response 9/30/2025
The Life-Threatening Illness National Group (LifTING) Research Training Platform: Spanning Boundaries Between Research and Care 12/31/2027
The POWER Study: Power Exercise for Stroke Recovery 6/28/2024
Training Intervention and Program of Support (TIPS) for fostering the adoption of family-centred telehealth interventions in pediatric rehabilitation: A pan-Canadian implementation-effectiveness study. 9/30/2025
Understanding Swallowing Impairments in People Living with Dementia as a Contributor to Caregiver Burden 6/30/2025
Understanding pain mechanisms and management in neuromusculoskeletal rehabilitation 12/16/2026
Using a novel method to diagnose the prevalence and health impact of muscle loss in older adults 3/31/2027