Active Grants for the Obstetrics & Gynecology department

Grant Name Close Date
A Single Dose Antenatal Corticosteroids (SNACS) Non-Inferiority Randomized Control Trial for Pregnancies at Risk of Preterm Delivery 5/31/2029
Advancing equity in maternal and perinatal care in Canada: Population-based investigations of racial and ethnic disparities in severe maternal morbidity and severe perinatal morbidity and mortality 3/31/2027
Association of socioeconomic and environmental factors with neonatal and childhood outcomes of preterm neonates <29 weeks' gestation in Canada 3/31/2025
Beneficial microbes to prevent neonatal GBS disease 8/31/2026
Canada Research Chair - Tier 2 1/31/2025
Canada Research Chair - Tier 2 1/31/2025
Canada Research Chair - Tier 2 3/31/2027
Chronic diseases in mothers and risks of neuro-developmental disorders in offspring: an international comparison 9/30/2024
Expanding midwifery services in Canada: Improving equitable access to sexual and reproductive healthcare through midwifery contributions 3/31/2026
FetAS: Fetal Assessment Suite to Facilitate Rapid Fetal MRI Diagnosis using Artificial Intelligence 9/30/2028
Health and neurodevelopmental trajectories of children and adolescents born at preterm and term gestation 9/30/2027
Healthy Life Trajectories Initiative (HeLTI) - South Africa - Bukhali 1/31/2027
Improving Maternity Outcomes by Engaging Stakeholders in a Holistic Assessment of the Social and Clinical Determinants of Severe Maternal Morbidity in Canada - a Feasibility Study 9/30/2024
It takes two to tango: Parental obesity and sex-specific impacts on placental development 3/31/2026
Land-Based Community Monitoring of Selenium in the Canadian Rockies: Stoney Nakoda Women's Health and Well-Being 3/31/2027
The "Atrial FIBrillation in Pregnancy: assessing seveRe matErnal morbidity and anticoagulation strateGies" (AFIB-PREG) Study 9/30/2024
The "predicting Short-term Adverse cardiovasculaR outcomes in preeclampsiA using BIomarkers" (SARABI) Pilot Study 9/30/2025
The adverse impact of prenatal cannabinoid exposure on placental and postnatal cardiovascular function: can we intervene? 9/30/2027
The efficacy of soluble, dietary fibre supplementation for the treatment of paediatric non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). 3/31/2027
The impact of opioid and cannabis use during pregnancy on placental and fetal development 9/30/2027
Using the Robson classification system to examine maternal and perinatal safety associated with operative delivery options in the second stage of labour 4/30/2026