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Anju Joshi
Associate Professor, Health, Aging & Society

In Anju Joshi’s classes, aging and health are not abstract concepts explored only for intellectual debate. Joshi focuses on experiential education, and believes strongly in getting students out of the classroom, off campus, and into real-world situations.

The Associate (Teaching) Professor teaches such courses as Continuum of Care, Death and Dying in Later Life, and Perspectives on Disabilities, Chronic Illness and Aging. She teaches about gaps in care, suffering and loss, but also about growth, self-awareness, resilience and inclusion. While her subject matter might be challenging, students come away with a deep and empowering sense of our shared humanity.

Joshi’s passion for gerontology comes with strong convictions about the need for knowledge exchange between academia, policy makers and staff in service organizations. She invites a wide range of experts, as well as alumni and local seniors to speak in her classes. She also ensures that students learn about their communities and critically reflect in order to integrate knowledge with practice. Some of her students do placements in nursing homes, retirement homes, and senior centres. Others who are specifically interested in policy or research work closely with relevant organizations. Some students take on roles at schools, community centres, hospitals, or alongside non-profit agencies that serve vulnerable people.

Joshi continues to participate in projects in different faculties related to gerontology curriculum development that improve understanding and care of older adults. She is also pursuing her passion for inclusion and social justice and contributing to the Hamilton community by teaching in the McMaster Discovery Program on the theme of Human Diversity and Resiliency.
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