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Diana Singh
post-doctoral fellow

Diana Singh is a sociologist and social psychologist who specializes in how our emotions are connected to our psychological well-being. This includes looking at how the social rules about the ways we are expected to feel, and display feeling are culturally defined as well as constructed and re-constructed by individuals, in dialogue with the organizations and social institutions we engage with daily.

Diana’s research primarily examines how emotions are used at our places of work. Her current research examines the health consequences of emotional labour in service based occupations, where the risk of burnout, exhaustion and the emotional transfer from work to home threatens the mental health and overall well-being of service workers and their families.

She is currently a post-doctoral fellow in the Department of Sociology at McMaster University and a Mitacs intern with the Canadian Mental Health Association. She is a coordinator for a number of projects in the area of mental health and well-being:

Family-Friendly Community Resource Project for Better Balance, Health and Well-Being (FFCR-BHW), led by Dr. Marisa Young (PI).
The McMaster launch of, the World Mental Health International College Student Survey (WMH-ICS), led by Dr. Daniel Vigo, Dr. Marisa Young and Dr. James Gillett.
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