Active Grants for the Medicine department

Grant Name Close Date
AYA-PACT: Adolescents and Young Adults becoming Physically Active after Cancer Trial 3/31/2026
Characterizing the Role of Profibrotic Monocytes/Macrophages in the Progression of Fibrotic Lung Disease 8/31/2023
Clinical development of oncolytic BHV-1 for cancer therapy 9/30/2024
Investigating the impact of cigarette smoke on antibody responses in the respiratory tract mucosa 9/30/2023
Macrophage phenotyping in lung fibrosis and cancer: Identification of shared markers and therapeutic targets to prevent progression of disease 4/30/2025
Oncofertility among adolescent and young adult cancer survivors in Alberta: a mixed methods study 9/30/2024
Targeting endothelial cell dysfunction and vascular remodelling to stop progression of advanced pulmonary fibrosis 3/31/2024